I'm considering tracking my wears (and possibly CPW)- maybe starting October or January. I'm really trying to be more sustainable and intentional with everything that comes into the house. Basically seeing how many times I'm really wearing things vs. PUPY estimates, especially now that my life has changed a lot.

If you track, or did in the past, how did you handle the older pieces? I'm wondering if I should estimate ie: very low wear 0-5, low wear 5-10, medium 10-20, and high 20+. Or just start from 0 cause that's what's true today? I do know that I have a bad habit of using things much more in the first year than later, which I want to break.

I would be doing this just pen and paper, as I only use my laptop once or twice a month, and don't want to have to set it all up in a phone app. My wardrobe is in Finds though and I have a written list in my bujo.