Sneakers have never been more popular , and they've become the fashion lovers'   solution to comfortable athleisure continues to rule the marketplace.   We talk about sneakers all the time here on the forum, and I'm always interested in who likes what, who refuses to wear what, and how it all comes about.  Two of the  most popular brands across all income, age, and social strata  are Converse , and Adidas (Stan Smiths, or the classic 3-stripe)  , and it only just struck me how different they are, and what each brand represents.  I have never been comfortable in Cons. They look ok, feel ok, fit well, and come in great colours, but for some reason I always feel like a poseur wearing them.  

  Give me leather or suede Adidas and Pumas though, and I feel like I've come home.  Women like Vivian, Jenn and Angie  and Greyscale wear their Cons with style and integrity. I buy the same ones, try to wear them, and just can't.  It took me a  bit of thinking to figure this out, but I think you are a true Cons woman if you were an arts/English  student, rocker, music student, drama student,writer etc while in high school and college.  An adidas/puma woman was playing badminton, tennis and golf and wearing little flippy  skirts with collared shirts. We did well in science Lol.    No tortured artiste look for us -haha.  

Maybe I'm stereotyping to a horrible degree, but it sure fits my experience, and explains why I can't wear Converse.    My favourite pair of shoes in GRADE 8 were the  classic Adidas Tobacco.  I wish I had kept those damn things.  And now I am OBSESSED with the flex-knee pants in the first picture.  

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