I am starting this thread to share some thoughts, some new insights, or I don't know what. I need to articulate where I am coming from, "style wise", but most importantly where (I think) I am headed. Do join in with any feedback, reflections or share your own journey if you feel like it! Please do, I am always wiser and more inspired by the style-savvy hive mind here.

It's been four years since I signed up to this fab forum. When I did, I was so clueless about my personal style and direction, but most importantly: I had the AWARENESS that I in fact was clueless. A very important first step to any change.

I was also quite the shopoholic. I have bought SO MANY clothes these last four years. I am not blaming the forum, at all, because this is not what Angie advocates regarding shopping, quite the contrary, and there are so many great examples here of LITERALLY timeless (spanning eons. Hi Fash!) and well curated wardrobes here.

Anyway, I have been drowning my self and my family in clothes. There has been so much that more than one room in our house has been uninhabitable. I am working on removing the excess CLUTTER. And yes, my clothes have been clutter. I was so distraught by learning that clothes can be clutter. Honestly, I didn't know!? Tripping over piles on the floor didn't wake me up, but reading about it (especially over at the blog A Slob Comes Clean), that anything that spills out of cabinets and onto the floor are per definition... clutter.. Yep, I get it now. Anyway, I am working hard on eliminatiing clutter and curbing my very bad spending habits.

But has it really made any impact to my style? Yes and no. I think I needed to go through so much shopping and clothes (thankfully not budget breaking, since alot has been thrifted, but still money spent...), I needed to go through this to learn. I think I am wiser now to what suits me. What I actually wear. What I feel good wearing.

Some key takeaways for me personally:

- footwear is important. And by that I mean it is important to me that footwear is current-looking. I feel I can get away with wearing almost anything as long as the footwear is sort of trendy. Then to me the outfit looks intentional. Like I know what I'm doing. And in reverse, when the footwear looks dated, everything else I am wearing also feels dated (sigh, ballet flats). So my plan the last seasons has been to only invest in one or a few current pair of shoes. But the caveat has been that I don't have the time to even wear them out before they are out of trend again? Looking at you Japanese Toilet Slippers! The perfect shape and colour. But suddenly looking very... summer 2020?

- sticking to a colour palette is key. For me that has been following the 12- seasonal palette (soft summer for me). When I do this I know I will look good in it, and everything magically goes with everything. I don't even have to try, it just manifests!

- jeans and tees are perfectly okay. I don't need any (more) blazers or blouses. I don't wear them and I don't feel any prettier in them vs. a regular sturdy pair of jeans.

- the reason for the latter actually has a scientific explanation. Or should I say "scientific". This is where the Kibbe system theory comes in, and for me this makes a lot of sense. I am a Kibbe Natural, and according to this theory I look as costumey and stiff in blazers and overly tailored garments as I feel. I shouldn't fight this, regardless of how attracted I am to classic and preppy dressing. It's not for me, simple as that.

- I can appreciate pretty things on others, and enjoy window shopping (browsing online) without needing to actually own the pieces my self. It ends up as clutter, remember!?

Yeah. This is where I am at now. Adding an EXTREMELY embarrassing photo of a horribly cluttered room in my house. So. Many. Clothes. I donated almost everything. Here's to a better 2022, and hopefully more joyful and clutterless dressing! (And living!)