Sharing for those of you who like examples of small travel capsules. I think I'm quite settled on the capsule, ... so the question for the YLF forum is more related to sharing advice on other successful strategies of keeping a tight travel capsule and how much rewearing without laundering on travel are others comfortable with?

I have a work conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands the last week of August. I plan to wear business casual for the conference, which will include one welcome reception (day before conference starts) and three days of conference. Plus one tourist day in Amsterdam and two travel days.

This capsule is smaller than what many would consider bringing, but I have frequently travelled with very tight capsules. I am quite comfortable with repeat wears on work travel since these items wear well without creasing, the climate is not too hot, and I rarely spill on my work clothes. I need to keep the capsule tight to leave room for running shoes and two sets of running clothes in my carry on. I plan to wear almost everything twice (jeans three times) without doing laundry (except running clothes, which I will hand wash and hang dry after each use). Given the likely weather that will range from cool to warm, I have focused on layering, always including a topper. I will also bring a rain jacket.

I often add another top (short or long sleeve) when I'm packing, once I know the projected weather. But I am also leaving room for some serendipitous shopping.

At the bottom I list my most likely combinations, though several alternatives exist.

Rain jacket (green)

Toppers: NAS burgundy moto, Boden long navy jersey, WHBM floral cardigan

Dress: LOFT navy sheath (stretchy and oh, so comfy)

Bottoms: WHBM bootcut jeans and burgundy trousers

Tops: Cream tank from MM LaFleur, Loft green floral top, COS rust top, navy/purple/burgundy floral long-sleeve

Accessories: Two scarves, plus 2-3 necklaces

Shoes: Rockport burgundy pumps (so comfy), Other pair still to be determined. Possibly my black mid heel booties or a pair of navy flats that I plan to purchase. Must be able to wear all day on my feet and handle lots of walking.

The combinations that I suspect I will make are below. Note that I have tried on all these combinations to ensure that I am very happy with them. I think this is the key to a very tight capsule.
- Travel day 1: Blazer, COS top, jeans, rust butterfly scarf, and booties
- Opening reception: Navy sheath, burgundy Moto, burgundy pumps, long necklace
- Conf Day 1 (or 3): Burgundy pants, cream tank, floral cardigan, black booties
- Conf Day 2 (presenting): Navy sheath, blazer, burgundy pumps, green scarf (remove if warm), long necklace
- Conf Day 3 (or 1): Burgundy pants, green floral top, burgundy moto, burgundy pumps
- Tourist Day: Jeans and either COS top or navy floral long-sleeve top, with choice of topper dependent on weather, black booties
- Travel day 2: Jeans and likely whatever top I haven't yet worn, and navy blazer, booties (bulkiest stuff)