Angie surprised my big time by posting this travel outfit with a peplum top: somehow I did not associate her style with the peplum at all.
And guess what - I had to try it too (copy cat that I am - it is not often I can be Angie's lemming so how not to jump on, right )
It arrived last week and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. Usually the quality of Gap tops and sweaters was a disappointment to me as they do not hold their shape well. This one is a happy exception. The fabric weight is very nice and substantial and soft as well. So from the quality point of view it is sorted...
...from the style point of view - I am not so sure. I was NEVER able even envision myself in the peplum top. Somehow it felt...I don't know...not streamlined enough? too bombshelly? just not me?
Here is the fit question. This Tall size (gotta love Gap!) so the waist is pretty much in its place. How it is supposed to fit? It feels to big at the waist and the peplum part feels too much volume but the shoulders and sleeves are dead on so no sizing down. Is it supposed to be fitted or on the looser side?
But there is also a style question: does it feel like me? And I don't know the answer yet.
If I decide to keep and experiment how would I need to style it? I don't have many pencil skirts. One VC tube skirt is a good shape for it but it is also striped so too much? Another pencil I have is Halogen seamed red - but it is not very tapered so I am not sure if it works.
I am in indecision mode on this one...what do you think? Please help to solve the "Peplum crisis"!

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