I need to preface this by saying it seems a really stupid question. Yet, I seem incapable of buying truly comfortable shoes. Whenever something feels like a dream in the store - often even if I walk up and down the aisle with both shoes on - it never ends up that way at home. In the rare event that a shoe fits well and gets a lot of wear, it does NOT seem to properly fit after it has been put away for the winter (or summer or whatever season) and I take it out again. My weight, though higher than I'd like, has not been dramatically changing, so that should not change the fit.

It just makes me second-guess every pair of shoes I buy. I bought a pair of shoes last weekend at DSW. I had been out shopping for the day, and it was warm so I figured my feet would be at their most sensitive/largest. I brought them home and when I went to put them on Monday morning, they seemed constricting, pinchy and they rubbed at the heel. I took them off even before I left for work, and I will return them this weekend (never worn outside the house). But how discouraging! Even my favorite Birks - the ones I wore all last summer - are rubbing and uncomfortable. I'm at my wit's end, as I seem incapable of finding truly comfortable shoes and sandals.

Any suggestions?