Hello fam. Once again it is Saturday night and I find myself sitting in my car with my car buddy Mr Wolf E. Listing to HOUSE music and typing my blog on my phone. Ah today was a great day. I have to tell you my fit for the day might shock some of you all. I say if your gonna do a look you have to own it. I don't mind the feedback and constructive criticism. It's ok to not be okay with a look although I love it

So today started with me beginning in my car. For some reason I see my car as a safe space. We had a flock of seagulls beside our little suburb. Next we then head to the city The Chi for some summertime beautiful fun.

For the first stop on the Thrift in Time tour was Zero Landfill. You get free swag From business that go out of business. Marble, Beautiful batik, home fixtures couches cushions refrigerators all new . Oh my it was heaven. I ran into OTHER SASSY Thrifters and we did what we do best turned it into a Runway thrifty fashion show. After Zero Landfill we headed to Combat to Chic.

On the way TEM and myself saw some murals we did a mini photo shoot shoot pictures to come at on a seperate post. We had a wonderful time. We packed out my little car and had to do a drive by of his house where we picked up his wonderful daughter. Oh my she is beautiful. While enroute to C2C to volunteer we saw a Fire station with a huge Rooster in it and what looked like a thrifty sale. Turns out it was converted from fire house to a hand made blown artist glass sanctuary. We met lovely people and a mother and son team. Jason was paralyzed by gun violence when he was only 16. His mother pearl at 85 takes care him and brings him faithfully every Saturday. Although paralyzed on his right side he makes beautiful works of art. This right here is why I love writing and talking to people. We had conversation and Pearl was wonderful. I found out that Pearls husband was a firefighter and worked at the station. He is no longer alive but pearl is a spitfire and we talked for a good hour while I took pictures. While I was talking and taking pictures of the happenings at the firehouse this happens.

Young Afro-American men in sharp fits waking one behind the other. I literally ran across 4 lanes of traffic to get to them and take there pictures. If was a beautiful sight to behold. They told me they were graduating on this day from H.S. all had been accepted to college on scholarships full rides. I thanked them and said how proud I was of them. Tem and I continued on our journey We stopped to have pizza and pop. Sorry no pictures. But I do have pictures of the huge rooster that was in the firehouse cage. I was told that when the firehouse was sold and converted. It was on the specific condition that the rooster would stay. Lol

So next we headed to Combat to Chic where things were in high gear. Meosha always has sales like penny sales fill your bag for $1 etc. C2C is a resale thrift op shop. While there because I'm trying to grow my business I did a giveaway. Other people had to nominate other persons who they wanted to see get the first ever prize from the thrift. It was a Massi painting I had thrifted about a month ago from the Salvation Army. I will provide a link if you want to see a live presentation. https://m.facebook.com/Thrift-.....=bookmarks

After that was it just attending to this beautiful blog my budding business on FB answering questions and HOUSING. Oh on the way home I took pictures of murals.

As always thanks for reading. I'll up load plenty of pictures very soon. Thank you for reading, looking, lurking or feedback.

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