Hi all, just playing around with Finds and created collections based on my "colour passport" (Bobbi Thomas concept) which I use as a *flexible and rough* tool of wardrobe management. My capsules don't show every item I have, but do represent the broad strokes.


A couple of things I learned through this exercise which will be useful going forward, I think:

- black works great as my base colour, so nothing new there. However, I have PLENTY so no need for more black unless it's an item I truly don't have in the shade and really think I'll wear
- white is my light neutral and a smattering does the job. Sorted here too I think.
- taupe and cool beige is my midtone neutral. I have a good little capsule here. Flat shoes (loafers perhaps) for spring are on my wishlist. I know this is a shade that comes and goes so I'm milking the availability right now.
- shades of blue are my favourite colours for warm weather. I find it harder to wear in cold weather though - probably because I wear jeans a lot and don't love wearing them together. This explains why a few items that theoretically should be slam-dunks don't get worn all that much. Blue is an easy colour for me but I should proceed with caution if it's a cold weather item and make sure I'm happy wearing it with all my jeans
- shades of red and burgundy are my accent colours for cold weather. I love the pieces I have and would consider another sweater perhaps, IF the right one came up
- pink is my happy colour, from soft blush to bright! I have a smattering of it and don't need more - but I should stay open for serendipitous finds in this colour!
- green is my statement colour. I seem to enjoy bolder and deeper shades (I include green-blues in this). A little green goes a long way in my wardrobe. Love what I have currently and don't feel the need for more.
- I have a very few random colours, in that they don't fit into the passport laid out above - but these aren't adventurous and include brown, caramel, and olive. This makes me wonder if a small warm capsule is in order? Although warm tones aren't my best, I *think* some of the more neutral leaning ones work okay. Caramel that's not too orange is a favourite visually, and I learned from my new sweater that includes deep olive colour blocks that it's a great eye enhancer for my hazel-green eyes. Will give this some thought.

Have you changed your colour strategy lately? Or are you sticking to your tried and true?

Find is the 'random' colourblock sweater that inspired this inquiry!