I am thrilled for those who are finally getting all the earth tones and warm colors, but dang, there is really not much out there in non-basic tops that appeals to me. Not even in NYC! Everything seems to be colors that don’t suit me, or ditsy floral prints. Or I’d find a nice color and the cut would be something with big floofy sleeves or the like. LOL Oh, or a super chunky or heavy sweater, which is also not my thing.

I have been hoping to find one or two patterned tops that are not just plain basic styles to refresh for fall/winter, but I’m coming up empty. I’ve found some solid knitwear tops in colors that I like (finds below), but they are very simple/classic solid color pieces. I was hoping to inject a little more personality into my top collection in the form of something that layers well under a jacket. A patterned popover or blouse would be nice but nothing too long or tunic-ish.

I have several old plaid button-front shirts, so I do have plaid well
represented. I suppose it’s not all bad that I’m not finding tops this season, since I have gotten a couple of new jackets and pants/jeans.