I think all three of these are hits! #1, the cognac gives a richness to the pink colors... I mean, nobody is going to be able to compete with this outfit when you walk into the room! #2 is stunning as well, I can't get over how incredible you are at mixing colors and tones. Is there blue in the scarf? For whatever reason, that puts the outfit over the top fabulous. And #3... I hope you'll keep wearing the red as a suit, it looks elegant and lively.

I think every outfit is fabulous and your color combinations are perfect.

Thank you ALL for the lovely comments. I would have guessed that the first outfit would be so successful. It is very comfortable too, so perfect also for WFH and family dinners. Could be nice to dress up a little sometimes.

Mary Beth, yes, there is blue in this scarf and also quite a lot of purple. I like to combine it with brown or cognac to get in some of “my” cooler tones near my face. I bought this scarf in a KENZO shop in the end of the 90ies, still wear it and love it. This is the beauty of accessories - they last almost forever

Paisley + berries + FLOWING STRUCTURE = PERFECTION! The movement to everything is what gets me—in addition to colors and proportions. The pant length grazing the ground (Angie`s “swoosh factor”) is ideal to my eye. Who can do better?

The brown outfit looks rich.

The column of red is totally appropriate these days and great on you. Excellent suiting all around!

Wow - what a wonderful way to end your challenge. #1 just blew me away, such an elegant and gorgeous colour combination and simply stunning on you. The red suit looks so current and lovely and the brown tones work well because of your beautiful scarf and are a useful dark neutral. I keep going back and looking at Outfit #1 again - superb!