Oh, I am very thankful to have found those dresses this year, Angie! Those definitely help my summer dress wardrobe, which had diminished by closet attrition over the last year or so, as my tastes have changed.

After so much frustration trying on dresses for the wedding, I think dresses have just gotten the better of me. When I saw this one in the store, I had such hope for it. How silly to get so emotionally invested in a dress working for me, right?

Sometimes I feel like I should be designing dresses. Too bad I have a sewing machine but very little knowledge of anything to do with designing or sewing clothes!

That's the spirit, Janet. Always good to bounce back.

It's almost a slam dunk. We rarely find dresses when we try hard to look for them. If I assess all my dresses below - not ONE of them was an intended "shopping list" purchase. (Even the red shirt dress that is now resting in peace was an impulse buy in London). I stumbled across all of my frocks virtually by accident.

When you stop thinking about dresses Janet, you'll find the ones you want. Right now, you are sorted for the wedding with your killer stunning floral sheath. Forget about frocks and rock on.

Hi. I agree with Angie that you might want to put the dress search on hold, particularly as it seems like it's taken on this symbolic weight that can't be encouraging right now.

And now, paradoxically, I'll post links to a few dresses I'm seeing on Anthropologie today (I'm home, bored, on the mend so pretend-shopping, sigh). They may or may not be your thing or add anything new to your wardrobe, for that matter, but maybe you'll like a few.




So I was too chicken to chime in earlier. I'm with Angie. The top of this dress is not delicate enough - not that you need a delicate style but I think it would offset the heavy look it has, even on the model. I definitely think you should continue the hunt for swing dresses.

By the way, have you checked out the brand Superfine?

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Just to be clear, I was not actively looking for a dress, but since this was one that had been on my radar for months, I had to try.

When I'm in the stores, I'll glance through to see if there are any new contenders for the stepmother of the groom dress, but no pressure -- I'll be fine wearing what I have.

So i am open to another addition to my dress capsule if something fun and unique comes along. Since I've bought three new neutral/solid color midi dresses for the season, I'm probably done with that. Unless I stumble upon a great color in a style that really works well for me.

Another neutral, but this one at Ann Taylor caught my eye.

That is a cool dress but I do think it wears you not you wearing it. Glad you tried it though!

Hmmm, I'm the only one who doesn't like those wide black ties near your neck on front. How's the back?