TLDR: Anyone have any one or two sentence, simple color theories for what looks good on whom?

I've never really been into color theory, as it seems there are so many different ones that I never had the time to research. Then I saw a video where the woman laid it out in basic terms that I could understand. She said that people with high contrast (light skin, dark hair or the opposite) should wear "clear colors" and people with low contrast (light hair and light skin or dark hair and dark skin) look best in soft colors. She said that clear colors were "true" colors or, generally, versions of the color with less muddiness. Soft colors she defined as being, well, softer, and less bright, clear and loud.

So initially this made perfect sense to me, as it often applies to what I see in the mirror. I wear jewel tones and brights well, but pastels and softer colors look atrocious on me. Then I thought about Angie, who would be "soft" by this defintion, and how well she wears brights and true colors (as well as pastels). I also look dreadful in some bright reds.

Long ago, I only knew about warm vs cool colors and I generally look better in warm colors. But I also look good in cobalt or fuchsia or blue purples, so I knew there had to be more to it. Then this simple clear vs soft color theory made sense, but then I thought about examples and knew there had to be more to it than that, too.

I figured the best way to decide might be to hold colors up to my face and see how I looked/felt, but I've come to the point where I can't tell anything anymore. My best colors are bright fuchsia pink and cobalt, I think, and I don't look bad in black. Bright grass green looks fine, but brown and red - both warm colors - are very tricky to get right. Some are good and lots are bad. My worst colors are light blue (seriously, I look like death warmed over in light blue), pastels, and I struggle with yellow. I think my complexion is slightly warm, although in terms of makeup I generally match better with neutral colors instead of warm or cool.

So, after this novel (thank you if you read it), does anyone have any color theory for dummies advice? Even if it contradicts what I've already read or heard, I am open to it. I don't want to read novels about it or have to cross-reference a million things before deciding what's a good color for me or not, but I am clearly missing/not understanding something...