I know that several fabbers have put the Halogen pleated leather skirt into their finds. I was in Nordie's today and bought this skirt in black, because they don't carry burgundy in the store. I am still considering ordering the burgundy and returning the black, but it depends on the shade of the burgundy. Online, it looks pretty much just like a dark brown. Can anyone who ordered this skirt tell me whether it looks more reddish in person?

My main reason for checking this out is I want to wear my Aquatalia Rhumba boots with the skirt, and the boots are a dark brown suede. They look OK with the black skirt, and I know that dark brown and black is "in," but I am wondering if the burgundy would look better. So if the burgundy is for all intents and purposes simply a dark brown, with very little red in it, it might work better for me.