I've signed up to walk a half-marathon in May; I've done this distance before but back when I lived in California - I'm in Indiana now. The group I'll be training with does everything outside, and in the evenings, so after dark to start. I am looking for recs for anything I should supplement my gear wardrobe with. The other day I went out in ~25F weather and was fine in fleece-lined workout pants, a long-sleeved t and a heavier fleece jacket, along with light gloves and an earband, but it was also sunny out and very still. It seems like runners don't wear much, but they get a lot warmer a lot quicker than walkers do. I've got the usual long underwear etc. but it seems like that would get too hot once you get going.

Mittens? Visibility gear and/or lights? A specific coat that allows for more movement than usual? Sneakers that don't let the wind in?