I am THRILLED to go on a fun trip later this month to Paris with a large group. There will be a group photoshoot to commemorate the occasion, and I've been given some guidelines for our outfits: black, white, gray and metallics, with accents of red. I'm planning to wear the outfit below, and will look for a red hat or scarf.

The quandary: The majority of this shoot will be outdoors, even if it rains. I need outerwear that fits the color palette for the group photos, but don't own anything polished enough that fits the bill. I'd been planning to pack a dark green belted wool coat as my daily coat (works for day and evening, I can layer a moto or denim jacket under it, it fits well, and is polished and warm). My travel capsule has a lot of black, olive, white/cream and camel in it.

So do I buy a coat ahead of time? I'd rather spend my money in Paris, but also don't want to be rushing around for a few days trying to find something.

Do I just need to bite the bullet and come up with a new coat strategy? Bring the green coat AND something else, taking up precious luggage space? Or roll the dice and shop there (the photos are toward the end of the trip)???