To begin, here is a bit of a background: I always wanted to be a runner, I dislike gyms and thought of running as an alternative and much better option for me. I tried it years ago for a few weeks and enjoyed it. I could not keep up. Here is why - I used to smoke (vaping in the last 6 years) and was out of breath in under 2 minutes when running.

I quit smoking after a surgery on my leg in February. I wanted my broken bones to heal faster, another huge motivation for me was that I wanted to be a non-smoking grandma
It was not easy but I quit in one go and I didn’t smoke since February.
I can’t fully run yet but fast walking and slow jogging are possible at this stage of my recovery. And running is one of my rewards after a difficult period in my life.
So, what do I wear?
I know what I don’t - shorts and leggings. I bought two yoga joggers (Zella), reuse some old cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts. Also bought my first sports bra and terry cloth sweatpants.
I know I need a rain jacket for fall. And possibly, pants. What else?
Which brands you like?
Thanks for reading