Today I decided to at least start reviewing my tops. First, I tackled the summer tops, which was easy because I know exactly what I've been wearing for the last few months, and why.

I set aside 3-4 nice summer/sleeveless tops that I am not reaching for, for one reason: they are too long! I've had them for a few years, and I really like them, but the silhouettes and my summer dressing habits have changed, and I want to be able to wear these tops with skirts. At their current length, the proportions don't look right with the midi skirts I've adopted as a summer staple. Plus a couple of them are a little snug across the hip now, so they don't hang right anyway. I'm thinking of taking them to my tailor and having them shortened, which would solve the fit problem and the styling problem.

I also established that my tees, basic as many of them may be, are all in pretty good shape at the end of the season, and there is no pressing need to refresh basic tops for next summer. I do rely on them pretty heavily in the heat, as they are so easy to wash and wear.

Next, I reviewed my collection of long sleeve blouses and shirts. I tried on every single one, and considered styling options for all of them. I put three in the donation pile, and a handful more are in the holding zone. A couple of observations from this category: 1) no more plaid shirts! I have several, in a few different color ways and weights, so no more; 2) this seems to be an area where pattern comes into my dressing, way more so than in knit tops, which tend to be solids. 3) It also seems to be an area in which I might be best served pursuing a trend or two, as usually tops are an easier fit on me than bottoms, and they tend to be a little less expensive.

I'm now about halfway through reviewing my long-sleeved knitwear and tee collection. Again, I've tried on every piece! I'm definitely noticing that I am well set for basic styles (and some basic-with-a-twist type things) in solid colors in my usual palette, but the colors are mostly very subdued -- of course plenty of neutrals like black, grey and white, but dark burgundy, deep green, and various shades of blue. It got me wondering if I should add a pop of a brighter color or two -- red perhaps? or a brighter blue. I've collected a good-looking basic tee from Boden that caught my eye.

I do not have much in the way of patterned knitwear/sweaters, but I did just add a reptile print sweater recently in black/grey/white and mint green.

I'll report back when I finish!