I spent a little time puttering in my closet this morning.

I adore flipping through Gudrun Sjoden catalogs to see the plethora of colors and textures piled artfully onto her age-diverse models. Lagenlook hasn't been a style I've ever aimed for, and my climate--vastly different from northern Europe’s--makes it somewhat impractical, but ohhh, I do so like to look at it.

I decided to just have a play at it with pieces I have. First order of business: dig deep into the costume bin for my old ten-yard, tiered dance skirts. Next: start layering. It’s kind of too warm for this, still, so I skipped the signature tights and wool sweaters. Honestly, I don't know if any of these would be "wear for real" looks for me, but it made for a fun and creative hour or so. 

Did I hit the mark? Does this sort of layering have potential?

Pics 1-5: Gudrun Sjoden inspiration
Pic 6: The orange layering skirt is brighter than anything in my regular closet, but I tried. I also have a lime green one, but that was beyond my capacity.
Pic 7: New yellow crinkle dress with layers under and over.
Pics 8-9: Probably the most wearable for me, climate-wise.

ETA Pic 10: see post below

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