I realize HOW you organize your closet is as personal and varied as WHAT you put in it. That said, I wonder if there is a more effective way for ME to organize my own.

I currently have everything except loungewear, special occasion, and gym clothes in my “everyday” closet. I hang tops by sleeve length, then by color. Then pants, then toppers. Sweaters, graphic tees, and jeans are on shelves.

I am in the process of my end of season changeover, where I bring out the sweaters and pack away the sandals. This seems like a good time to shuffle things, if it will help. I read (somewhere) about keeping ONLY the core or most-worn items in your closet and putting everything else in a different space - similar to a holding zone, but instead of the zone holding only items you are on the fence about, it holds the things that aren’t in your daily rotation. You can “shop” that zone for fresh pieces.

Has anyone tried organizing this way? Did it work for you? What did you learn from it (if anything)?