I know we have talked about closet editing a million times, but I’m feeling a need to bring it up again, wondering if some new insight might click with me.

I have been slowly and thoughtfully editing unworn items from my closet in the past months, as I didn’t want to rush judgment on unworn things since the pandemic put such a whammy on our “usual” dressing habits.

But I feel a slight shift happening. Some of it may be that I’m staring down the second half of my 50s with an impending birthday, my natural hair color is now totally grown out, and I’m working more to be at peace with my body as it is. I have yet to identify what that shift actually is, but it’s there nonetheless.

I stare down some items in my closet that I loved a few years ago but don’t feel compelled to wear now, wondering if the mojo will return, or whether it’s time to say goodbye. I have particular difficulty getting rid of things that have a print I really like or are in a color I love but don’t find easily.

Case in point. I think I’m ready to let go of this dress, which has to be 8-ish years old. I bought it when I was a bit smaller than I am now, so it hung a bit more easily then and ended *just* at a point on my knee that didn’t bother me. But now it’s more fitted and the hem hangs higher. If I successfully lose a bit more weight, it would fit more like it used to, but am I really going to want to wear it again? The exposed zipper is perhaps dated, and the print is not exactly on-trend at the moment, but I still like it. I thought about having it cut off into a top, but I’m not sure that’s the right answer either. The exposed zipper makes that difficult because it’s long enough to look awkward on a top but not long enough to make the top the same length as the zipper. So it should probably just go. (I added a pic of the dress with the bottom folded up inside the top to get an idea how it might work as a top.)

Oh, and I *still* have an ancient Theory mixed media tweed and leather moto in my holding zone, along with two slightly sheer patterned Equipment button-front shirts, and a DVF wrap dress that’s still a size too small. I clearly have trouble getting rid of some of these nice designer items! Like, when am I going to wear those Equipment shirts again? Please knock some sense into me!

I kind of wish I had some of you excellent ruthless editors here in my closet with me to nudge me into getting rid of some more stuff. I’m good at doing it for other people but not for me, LOL!

Anyone care to give me a good verbal shake?

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