Why do I have so many pairs of white jeans? I count 8! I also have 2 pair of EF white crepe pants and 1 J Crew white Cotton Chino of some sort. Hmm, looking around I also have two white skirts- a white J Crew pencil skirt and a Helmut Lang drawstring waist A-Line Midi crepe skirt. I don’t think I wore white bottoms 8 times in the past year! LOL! Oh! I spy one more, a metallic white pencil! I need an intervention! How come I keep purchasing white bottoms but rarely wear them? I have two white blazers that kind of fall into this category, hmm.....I don’t think I wear those much either.....

I have a few thoughts:

1. White creates a high contrast with almost everything, and I have medium to low contrast coloring, so wearing it means I need to be very careful about what I pair with it.

2. Unlike Angie, I do not have magical powers with white. I work in a school building with children ages 5-21. Schools mean stains.....ink, paint, juice, sticky dirty hands, mystery stains, grass stains, etc.

3. White reminds me of my white lab coat days. It also reminds me of the ugly white shoes my mom wore to work for several years. I most often find large amounts of white stark and cold instead of clean and fresh.

I like two of the white skirts, the metallic pencil, and the Helmut Lang. The HL looks great with a plain tee of any sort, so it’s a good summer skirt. The metallic is fun for holidays and going out. I do wear it and have a coordinating metallic purple knit top.

I also wear the EF crepe pants under wrap dresses. I sometimes wear some of the jeans under a wrap, but less often because they are thicker, and when I want white, it’s probably warm outside. I will keep those.

The 8 pairs of jeans: How many white jeans should I keep? Maybe 4? I think one cropped, one long, and one slim boyfriend all zip front and then one button front. All are medium high to high rise. That would cover my favorite silhouettes. I think the rest will go into a holding zone so they can serve as replacements if one of the three in the closet gets stained.

The white J Crew pencil skirt and chino like pants can go in the donate pile.
I’m on the fence about the blazers. I love the style of the WHBM blazer on the left, but never wear it. The J Crew is linen and wrinkles, but I wear it. Just not sure?? Any thoughts?

Pics: 1. The three skirts
2. Jeans before edit
3. Jeans after edit.
4. The two questionable blazers.

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