[Heh, fixed my misspelling throughout the post - I would prefer dyeing over dying, for sure!]

I edit like crazy, and I don't hold onto things I don't love. But I have a dilemma. I just pulled out several favorites that are still on-point for my style, but faded. They're high quality items that would otherwise have years of life yet. No pilling, fraying, stretching. There are also a few that started out as a faded black that clashes with my other black, and so I never wear them.

Normally I'd just pass them on and get new things, but I'm thinking of re-dyeing the few items with huge style potential.

Have any of you re-dyed clothing? Back in Girl Scouts, I learned how to dye from my leader's daughter, who was a legit Deadhead selling tie dye at Grateful Dead shows. We used soda ash as a pre-treatment then Procion fiber-reactive dyes.

Black dye is hard (though easier when you're starting with something that's already black). Procion has good black dyes for natural fibers, although they work best on raw cotton without treatments. I haven't tried them on clothing bought at retail. Also, dyeing is a huge mess and I haven't tried it in my own washing machine.

(Why isn't there a service to lovingly re-dye the black clothing of aging goths?)

In Finds are the things I'm considering dyeing. The Banana Republic cropped shirt is a great combo with all my new high rise jeans -- I love the style. The dramatic Oak tunic always gets comments but it's so faded now (and missing a button) so it either needs repairs or it's going to the consignment store. The Madewell cropped tops (heavier weight than a tee) are practically new, fit perfectly, and are perfectly on-trend for 2018. Same with the Proenza shirt, with a brownish undertone, although that one might be a good target for resale since I never wear it.

I might add photos later of these items on me, to see if people think they're worth keeping.