I’ve made several false starts on writing this post, probably because I was feeling so discombobulated about my footwear collection. Huge thanks to Angie for starting the October Closet Edit topic and special thanks to those who have posted on footwear, I have found the info hugely helpful.

The long and short of it is that I needed to get rid of one pair that was completely worn out, and demote about a half dozen pairs to the “limited
wear” collection because they are no longer comfortable except for short
periods of time or I’m tired of them. The limited wear items are all candidates for replacement and eventually getting rid of.

The finds show what I’m left with for every day that is versatile, comfortable, and I like to wear, not including sporty ones (sneakers, snow boots and not including dressy/occasion shoes. Pretty small collection and a bit uninspired. The grey booties and red loafers are perforated leather so they don’t work beyond shoulder seasons, and I don’t tend to wear ANY of the loafers or sneakers in deep winter because my ankles get too cold or there is too much snow/ice etc. I also do not feel like wearing the red loafers nearly as much as I thought I would.