This is the final category in my current closet edit. This is one of the categories of items that I wear less in the winter. In this case, I’ve chosen dresses that I haven’t worn in a while, for the most part. There were a couple of others that I already made decisions about when trying things on.

Things to remember about these:

1. I’ll almost always wear these with tights, especially the shorter ones.

2. A few of these were bought with my tastes were a bit different. At that time, I was convinced that fit and flare dresses were mostly what I looked good in.

3. Dresses are one of the more tricky items for me to find right now because some will cling to my belly, which tends to bloat. I find the belly to be harder to dress than my pear shape alone. I didn’t have this problem so much when I chose a few of these dresses. Since my body has changed a bit, dresses are category where I’m still a little confused about what looks good on me. I’m pretty indecisive about most of these, as a result.

4. I don’t need to worry about replacing most of these if I pass them on. I have other options in most cases. (#5 does fulfill a function I’ll explain about below.)

Look, a mirror that isn’t cracked!

1. Old Navy. This is the most recent acquisition. I was going for a more boho vibe, which is one thing I like about this dress and is harder to find in cold weather dresses. But I may have overlooked the fact that it might be overwhelming me. I still can’t decide if it does overwhelm me or not. ON THE FENCE.

2. Boden dress. You wouldn’t know to look at it, but I think the sleeves are a little tight. I may have moved beyond the style a bit, but I do still like this dress. Leaning towards keeping.

3. Another Boden dress. I love the stress so much, but I think it’s a little short. The hem could be let down a bit, maybe close to an inch, so that alone is. not necessarily a dealbreaker. I genuinely don’t know about this one.

4. Dress from some Kohl’s collaboration line. This dress has always looked really good on me. I think it’s not my preferred style at present, but I do still like how it looks. It’s a little longer than #3, which is probably a good thing. Leaning towards keeping.

5. Anthro dress. I have found this one to be most useful as a tunic in the winter when traveling. Using it as a tunic allowed me to dress up a bit in Europe in the winter, and it’s easy to layer a sweater over. I think I would keep it for that purpose. Love the colors. It’s a little loose over my belly, but for traveling, when my belly problems can be even worse, that’s a really good thing.... but I won’t want it to look like maternitt wear either. (This is my problem lately.) Leaning towards keeping.

6 &7 - My cats were curious about what I was doing with the new mirror, so I figured I would throw pictures of them in. The two-eyed one is Dame Judi Dench. Her brother (actual littermate) with one eye is Sir Ian McKellen.

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