I am a bit behind posting my closet edit progress. I will be doing it by categories as it is easier that way. Yesterday I did summer shoes, bags and accessories. Today I am doing winter shoes, outerwear and jackets.
From tomorrow on it is going to be different clothing types.

When it comes to bags, I am a moderate. I am not a bag lady like Angie - shoes are my preferred fashion category, but I like to have a decent selection to go with all of my outfits. This is also one category when I don't follow the trends too closely - I am aware of what the trends are and if I get a new bag I will get something that is trending, but I am not super-conscious of the trends like I am with shoes and jeans. I much prefer real leather and will rarely get a non-leather bag unless it's a clutch or a rarely-worn cross-body. Speaking of clutches, I really prefer my bags to have handles/shoulder straps and never got on the whole big-clutch-as-a-daybag bandwagon. I only have small special occasion clutches.

While going to my bags, I divided in my 3 categories based on their purpose, and noted the frequency of wear for day bags. I also started running a word document of "nice to haves/would love" - while I won't be shopping I want to keep a running list of next most logical purchases in all the wardrobe categories. I have purged five bags, need to repair some and am on the fence on keeping some as well, so need your input on those.

Category 1: Small occasion clutches (photo 1). These are small dressy clutches for semi/-formal or formal occasions that are by definition rare. My selection is pretty basic and simple (black satin, black patent, silver leather, matte gold fake-croc and cognac). They are not exciting at all, but serve their purpose. One day I will get something really gorgeous in this category, but it is extremely low on my priority list.

Category 2: Weekend cross-body bags. These are regularly worn on weekends for errands and casual events, and represented by Finds 1-6. The MVP is the BR bag in #1, and the ancient blue fake snake-skin in #2 is a close second. The #2 is getting to be in bad shape and needs replacement, but I don't want to get rid of it till I find something similar.

Category 2A: Weekend in-betweens (finds 7-9). This consists of my black leather tote that I use to schlep dance clothes and shoes to the practices and two small pretty bags (burgundy patent and black quilted) that are in between clutches and cross-bodies, that I wear to nicer dinners etc., and still have a shoulder strap for practicality.

Category 3: Day-bags - the main bag category. There are three groups in here: the ones worn all the time, then occasionally and finally rarely.
The absolute MVP is the silver RM satchel (#10), in its third year of year and probably being worm 60% of the time, as it goes with everything. Together with the pale grey tote (#8) and bone satchel (#9) they form my perfect summer trio - between the three of them I am covered for any spring/summer outfit. I do not have the fall/winter equivalent; the three bags in 10-12 are as close as it gets (black, burgundy leather and navy fabric satchel). Ideally I would like gunmetal/pewter (darker equivalent of the silver RM), ink leather and black with some special detailing. This goes in Word file.
#13-15 are warmer neutrals (taupe, cognac, tan) worn with medium frequency. #16-19 are fun colors (dark pink/berry, orchid, cobalt and pale blue)also worn with medium frequency and #20 is a fabric checked bag that rarely wear but is fun.
#20 and #21 are two older bags of great quality that need repair. The black Joe's Jeans bag needs the zipper fixed and the cream Kooba needs good professional cleaning. I am curious what you think of the shapes, are they dated? I am perfectly find with current not trendy, but do not want something that is clearly way past it's prime. If the vote is dated than I will just get rid of them instead of dealing with the repairs.
Finally, in photos #2 and #3 there two summer bags I am thinking of getting rid of unless there is a good reason not to. They are white/tan linen satchel and huge white leather CM tote. Both have had a lot of wear in the past and didn't get almost any wear in the last 3 years die to my "perfect summer trio"

I have realized at the end that the proper verb should have been "Carry a Bag" instead of "Wear a Bag" but I admit that I am too lazy to go back and fix in everywhere, as the post is pretty long.

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