I'm working on the coat closet, and have hit a snag on whether to bench or donate.

3 coats in question:
1. London Fog trench in Blueberry. I loved this 2 years ago, but with recent body changes, I'm almost sized out. I can still wear tied, or can button over a thin layer, but no heavy layers.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Wool cloth coat in Forest Green. Ladylike car coat, 3 years old. Feels tight in the arms, but works everywhere else. But feel like it's a limited use item.

3. Lauren RL Red double breasted pea coat. Now tight when buttoned but still works as an open layer.

I'm in Northern CA, so these coats get some work, but it's a limited season. I have other more casual coats, so these are more for formal clothing or specific looks.

Keep on the bench for certain occasions or to bring back next season? Donate and cry, but be happy with a smaller wardrobe? I'm stuck.