I've been wondering about a style shift all year. I think I've spent 8 years wearing iterations of tunics with layering tops underneath, with the first one bought 2010 after my weight gain not long before that time. I think these started to be in fashion about then, or perhaps before.They were an example of "long over lean"- good explanation in an Already Pretty post here: https://www.alreadypretty.com/.....er-lean-2/ There is mention of this look on the forum for many years, back to about 2010 as well.
I gradually culled some of  these tunics this year and there are 6 autumn/winter/spring ones left. This cobalt one is a fave for its colour, from 2010. Worn over 30 times ( exact numbers not known). I gave it a spin today, wonder if it feels a bit little-girly for me now? The rust layering top 2012, 40 wears, is maybe getting tired, and the rust cardy  (which I didn't wear today, just tried on) is not as flattering as my new bronze one. I was going to cull the rust cardy 2012, 53 wears and my husband said I shouldn't:  "Because you've worn it so much, why get rid of it?" I wore the bright Scope brand jacket today instead, 2015, 35 wears.The cobalt boots are Beau Coops 2015, 71 wears. And the black Max ponte/leatherette pants 2014 have not been worn so much this year- 85 wears before this year, only 6 this year. They must be dropping from a 10. I wore other straight cut pants this year more. 
What do you all think?
Pic 1 yesterday's haircut, earrings donated by second DD.
Pics 2/3 tunic and layering top alone.
Pic 4 rust cardigan
Pics 5/6 bright jacket
Pic 7 boots.

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