So I haven't had much time on YLF lately - hope everyone is doing well!
I did a big purge earlier this year and don't have a ton of things to clear out now, but a few items I bought and only wore a few times are likely going to be donated so I thought I'd share some of the "whys" here as maybe it would be helpful.

1. Heather blue twist front knit top - I bought this in taupe and this blue color. Note to self - be sure you LOVE the shape before investing in multiple colors of an item. I never enjoyed wearing the blue color for whatever reason so it's been worn maybe twice. But I think it's more about the shape of the top since even the taupe is getting few wears (maybe 5). I don't like how the bulkiness in front feels with the twisted material. Instead of camouflaging any extra, it makes me feel like I have gained "extra" baggage in front. lol.

2. The lucky block print top "should" be perfect for my warm climate. And I love the colors and print. But it's SO long on me - and I mean nearly a dress long. The floaty light material would make it very hard to alter and the price doesn't make it worthwhile. I have another of these in a black and light tan print and I do wear it more often as I can tuck it in mostly or even create a side knot to create a good enough look. Since I'm only willing to accommodate the extra length once in a while, there is no need having two of these in different patterns.

3. Simple light weight tees are only lounge/workout wear for me these days. I prefer a thicker weight tee or other style knit or woven top.

4. The lightweight gauze material seemed ideal for hot summer weather when I wanted some coverage. But that same blue again - for whatever reason I just don't end up reaching for it. And the fit was off on both this and the striped one (which I wore more anyway). Too big in the shoulders really.

5. These are only one of several shoes I got rid of this year. These didn't really wear that well - they ended up hurting the top of my foot, felt too flat and looked worn after only ten or so outings.

6. The teal print silk/cotton jcrew top is beautiful so it is still in my holding zone. But it feels just a little tight in the shoulders and will likely have to be let go once I find a replacement. I'm keeping it to remind me to find one - and just in case I happen to lose weight and find it fitting better, which is doubtful.

7. The cognac handbag is a great color and size for me but the zippers are thick and bothersome - scratch my hands when I reach in the bag. It is currently the only one I own in this color so I may keep it until I replace it.

8. Some slim (skinny almost) jeans that are just too "skinny" for my tastes and comfort these days. I'm also leaning towards a slightly higher rise - maybe mid-rise, which is more like 9"- 10" for me.