Angie wrote

Clogs are a classic that are having their fashion moment. The idea is to wear them with any type of casual outfit, including shorts, dresses and skirts. They can look chunky, but that’s part of the appeal.

I love my new clog sandals They’re great for current looks and retro vibes, but I have not tried them with shorts or even short skirts. Looking through a Google of clog sandals with shorts, I do indeed see shorts looks—even shorter shorts (though not Nare short) looking good with clogs, but I haven’t been able to discern and guidelines yet. Angie mentioned wearing a pair that are low contrast with your skin, and showed a model doing exactly that. That boat has already sailed for me; this burgundy red would be an incredibly deep sunburn on me indeed, lol.

Do you have “rules” or inspiration pictures, either your own or from the web? Please post them here!