Angie, yay, I’m glad you like those. I feel like I ought to prefer the ones with the solid reputation, but the deeper red ones just made me feel happy right away—no way to tell how I’d feel in the Sanitas without making the choice to alter/keep them.
And you mean the pairing of the shoes with the “elegant” outfit, yes? It’s all a bit risky, because I can’t pick up the dry cleaning until 4 hours before we have to be there.

Kathie, thanks for sharing your experience with this kind of shoe-very helpful.

Here are a couple pictures that show the issue with the Sanitas. The guy selling them pointed out that with such a stiff sole, my heel has to come up a little bit, or I’d have a very strange gait, but this doesn’t feel right to me. I think some of the excess could be taken out of the strap, and another hole punched in the ankle strap so it’d comfortably snug. Otoh, the Hee Shoes don’t need any alterations to feel right.

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Ooh, love the burgundy ones.

The burgundy Hee clogs fit soooo much better. Definitely go with those.

Sure! Wear them with the elegant outfit

Lovely outfit that will look great with your new sandals!

Yes, go with the Hees!

... and that’s how it is for me: none of the big famous brand clogs ever work for me.

No advice on clogs, just wanted to say that skirt is outstanding! Looks good with the tucked in blouse. You could also try it with cropped tops.

FI it looks like you are set for your sons graduation! Love the outfit and the shoes. Congratulations to you and your son - a huge milestone.

Go with the Hees. The Sanita salesman sounds like Victoria’s Secret SAs that try (or so I’ve heard) to sell you what they have vs the size you need. I’m not convinced that the Sanitas will fit you perfectly even with adjustments. Right now, they look like a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

Hees! The Sanitas don't look like they fit properly width-wise either... (They run narrow, I have never been able to wear Sanitas).

Now I have decided what sandals I want next summer. I didn't know what clogs were....but the ones with the straps are fabulous and I'm going to look out for a pair. That skirt and shirt tucked in look stunning....classic elegance. You must wear it to your son's graduation.

Keep the Hees, they look great and I would wear them with the red pants as they are within the same tones. Pop on a red toenail polish to make it work.

I love this skirt and top combination, you are all set for graduation day.

Thank you all for the good wishes! I’m standing on a train platform in my shorts outfit. Young man decided last night to get hair cut, but put it off until today. Then he decided he wants dress shirts. Various logistics issues—he’ll be coming with my clothes, I’ll jump into train with him, and will have half an hour in commuter rail to get dressed & do makeup. I have 3 new shirts from Tiger of Sweden for him to choose from. Must remember I’m here to support him, not vice-versa. Trains aren’t sro, but are full.

ETA we made it! Will post WWW pic when school posts photographers photos.

Love the clogs discussion, as some of you may know by now I'm a huge fan of clogs as well and wear them whenever possible. Danskos at work and Sweedish wooden sole with open backs at home. Incredibly comfortable and great for the back. Plus they look awesome!! Yes, guys can wear and enjoy clogs too!!

I never had clogs except maybe in my youth(?) but now my mouth is watering...loved the fit of the burgundy- will be a trendy additions to that fab outfit!!(great skirt and top!!-elegant but not fussy-and I always love a bl&w outfit with and accent in the shoes!

Lyn67, you read my mind—black & white pattern with those shoes coming up in my WIWs. On graduation day, I guess I was being an off-key American with navy, white and burgundy instead of red, white, and blue, lol.

Bjv, I’ve never been a fan of clogs for anyone, but things change, I guess.

Sally, come on in, the water’s fine! I’m not sure if these are technically still clogs or if they’re platform sandals, but don’t think it matters much.

Bijou, thanks for that tip and for the good wishes for my son. I’ll give it a try. Between you & lyn67, my next WIWs won’t contain many surprises at all, lol.

Glory, thanks for that sweet message!

DonnaF, picturing this guy in Victoria’s Secret makes me laugh but you’re right—he sure did want to move that inventory!

Mimigrrrl, good observation. I hadn’t noticed that but am very happy with what I ended up with.

Thank you all for all this discussion and encouragement!

Sorry I missed this discussion. My internet access to YLF has been patchy for some weeks.

When I read your opening paragraph and looked at the first pics I immediately thought: I hope she kept the darker burgundy pair. And you did! Yay! Thumbs up from me

Thanks Brooklyn! I wanted them all along. So far I’m happy I went with the ones that made me happy instead of just checking boxes.

Wearing them oitw today, on the usual surfaces. Ran for a train, caught it, then realized it was going the wrong way! I did not get in.

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Yayyy, glad to hear you kept the burgundy ones instead! Even besides the strap issue, I agree that the Sanitas looked a little too narrow for you - you can see it in the photo that the side of your foot is pushing against the strap (not the ankle strap but the wider vamp strap).

Fashintern: I agree...clogs certainly are not for everyone and def not mainstream at all for males. But as you said..things change!! I'd love to wear styles that are slightly more feminine..but that's likely a bridge too far for now.

Bjv, you’ve gotta do you. I was shopping for undies the other day & several styles I was looking at had been reviewed by a guy who said they were the only kind he wears. Clogs aren’t underpants, but do whatever works for you.

Well said and i completely agree...I have no problems with wearing anything that allows oneself to come through!! I wish we had soooo much more fashion freedom!!

The great thing about COVID is that we've been granted the rare opportunity to build up the confidence in our own levels of fashion freedom in depth within the privacy of our own homes first.

So feel free to experiment on your own 'lockdown runway' before debuting your looks out in the world! I know I am, lol