Hi all, loved Angie's post today and some of the discussion around how an item can be classic or not, even though it might be the same category of items. Thought it would be fun to discuss "is it classic or not"? Of course opinions may vary and that is okay! It's just for fun and learning.

I think my style leaning classic and being fairly simple, I have many items that are classic-adjacent but not strictly classic, which makes it a little tricky!

- silky blouses are often on 'classic' lists, but this one has big sleeves and a bold print - I say not classic

- cream pants - the cut is current but not trendy - I think these are classic

- I'm torn - this belt looks so 90s to me - but it's hardly fashion forward. I'm tempted to say classic but am easily persuaded.

- chelsea boots are classic but the thicker soles are not. not classic.

- I think an oversized fit on a linen shirt is classic.

- Striped sweaters are classic, but perhaps not classic with the quarter zip and oversized, boxy fit.

- high top converse, even in a colour, are classic

- ribbed black racerback tanks have been on trend lately, but I think they are pretty classic

- wide, cropped jeans - not classic

What say you? Do you think I'm right or wrong? Share some of your debatable pieces too!