It seems the classic dressers amongst us have the most trouble distinguishing what I'll call "deep classic" from what might be called "on trend version of classic" or "classic with a twist." So I'm going to try this with my own closet. Anyone want to join? The first set of Finds will be the ones in my wardrobe I identify as true classics. By virtue of cut and colour.

The second set will be "on trend classics" or "classics with a twist."

This will not include my purely on trend or avant garde or otherwise "different" items.

My first set:

1. Cole Haan oxfords. These are a "maybe" because in a knit fabric, and white. But the shape is classic.

2. J. Crew straight pants.

3. Club Monaco merino mock-neck

4. Talbot's white bermudas.

5. Boden white tee.

6. BR slim straight wool pants. (Maybe with a twist, since ankle length.)

7. Armour Luxe Breton tee

8. Bernardo midi coat, princess lines.

9. J. Crew navy merino sweater.

10. J. Crew red merino sweater.

11. J. Crew plaid scarf.

12. Armour Luxe Mariner tee

13. Lord & Taylor charcoal t-neck

14. Boden navy t-neck

15. BR silk/ cashmere crew neck

16. J. Crew denim western shirt

17. Aquatalia riding boot

18. London Fog black trench (why couldn't it be navy??? waaaaaaa)

19. Le Pliage tote

20. Salt cashmere toque

21. J. Crew cabled cashmere crewneck sweater, navy.

22. Navy moto jacket (navy may make it less classic, but cut is classic)

STYLE OBSERVATIONS: very little footwear, very few bottoms here. Mostly tops, and most of those tops are knitwear for winter/ cooler temps. Some outerwear, but not a lot.

This confirms what Angie has told me about my style—that I'm "trendy on the bottom." Also what I knew -- that my footwear tends to be on trend (to a degree at least). Also, my jackets and outerwear tend to be "with a twist." Not truly trendy but also not purely classic.