I’m thinking about black classic loafers for fall. I have a pair of black penny loafers that I really like but since I bought them a few years ago my feet have developed the need for more cushioning and they don't have enough room to add insoles. I tried a very similar Naturalizer penny loafer earlier this year that almost worked, but when I sized up to add insoles the heel slipped.

I could just continue the hunt for this type of loafer, but I'm also thinking about some other styles; horsebit/chain detail, with a plain unadorned vamp, with a lug/chunky sole. I am thinking about adding a little more edgy or glam in my overall style, but am wondering if clothing (not shoes) would be a better and easier way to experiment with it.

One other thing - I stay away from the driving moccasin style, because they never feel supportive enough and the vibe doesn't appeal to me. I prefer a solid leather sole or a thicker lug sole. I also don't care for the penny loafer with very thick leather seams - what I think of as he "original" men's style from whatever decade they were first introduced. The Sam Edelman below has a little of that vibe but not so much that I dislike them.

How would you describe the styles below? What sort of vibe do they give and what would they add to an outfit? I have my own opinions but would like to hear what y'all think...THANKS!

1 - classic penny loafers (these are the ones that are no longer comfortable
2+3 - horsebit and chain examples.
4+5 - plain vamp styles (the Vionic is the black version of one Angie snagged at NAS)
6 - lug sole penny loafer