I have never been a big fan of shorts for myself as I do not like exposing my upper legs, but would go through phases where I would wear them, especially the longer, bermuda ones that end right above/mid knee. Lately, I feel completely off shorts, I will wear the one bermuda pair I still have, but do not intend to get more. For those reasons, clamdiggers have always appealed to me and I recently got a pair from Frame denim I really like - the material has a lots of stretch but they feel "sculpting", a bit like shapewear in a good way as opposed to like leggings. I got the blue denim ones (first find), but attached the Find of the black version so that you can see the fit and length on model. They are a bit longer than classic clamdiggers, Frame calls them "Pedal Pushers".

I am super sensitive and pedantic about pant lengths as I have proportionally shorter legs (about 2") for my height, and leg elongation is relatively high on my priority list, though I will do JFE, too. Below are a bunch of pictures of these pants in various lengths:
1) The length as they are - not sure if they are too long
2) and 3) slightly shorter length that I am thinking of hemming to
4) same length as #2, but rolled to it
5) rolled to right under the knee - more traditional clamdigger length
6) rolled to bermuda length (which I do not think is flattering at all)

Questions are:
1) Should I keep them as are, or hem, and if hemming is better, should I go for length in #2 or in #5?
2) What do you think of various rolled lengths in 4/5/6 in terms of flattery and can I get way with the cuff at all or does the contrast visually shorten my legs even more?

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