I have been looking at the pieces that I've added since 2020 and have realised that my churn rate is quite high, considering the amount of items that I purchase

2020: 19 pieces, 9 are either sold, replaced or donated
2021: 16 pieces, 1 donated and 2 never used due to lack of occasion
2022: 10 pieces so far and 1 piece hasn't been used yet due to fitting. It was an etsy handmade piece (black shirt dress bit tight and super long sleeves) so I am trying to figure out how to fix it.

I appreciate 2020 has been a challenging year and have tested different shapes and colours but 2021 too had some churn. How is your churn rate and is there any lessons in reducing it?

Here are my 10 pieces of 2022, trying to stay away from black! I have been adding some pink and lavender to the mix. It looks like I mainly bought from my non-buy shopping list (no more tops!) but some of the new tops were Hewi and I am very happy to have found them!

For 2022, I had a small shopping list

Ceremony outfit: bought a jumpsuit and some dresses to add variety for these type of events
Chambray shirt: still looking, would like to buy a preloaded one
Cream blazer: still looking, hoping to buy a suit
Linen top: still looking, not sure on which silhouette to look for
Cream bag: found it!

Any tips and suggestions would be much appreciated