I had huge plans to get really dressed up for Christmas parties this year. What I actually wore was very different from what I had hoped to wear.

First, the weather. It was warm and terribly humid. Sweaters and blazers were completely out of the question. I ended up wearing long and/or short sleeve tee shirts (no topper whatsoever). I paired my tee shirts with patterned ponte pants. I took comfort from the fact my ponte pants were somewhat festive.

Second, the weather. I usually wear festive and very sparkly jewelry. My prettiest pieces originally belonged to my Mother. They all proved to be far too dressy to wear with tee shirts. I wore a single pair of pearl/obsidian earrings that were a gift from a dear friend. These earrings looked best with the tee shirts. I wore them daily across all events.

Finally, the weather. I tend to wear a lot of sparkly and/or red during the Holidays. All of my red pieces were either sweaters or a blazer. All the red stayed in my closet. I dearly wanted to wear something sparkly. I bought the J Crew Metallic tee shirt shown below. It had a subtle metallic shine that I liked.

So my nod to the Holidays were patterned ponte pants (thank goodness for them), assorted tee shirts, and a single pair of earrings.

Happy New Year everyone.