Angie's post from yesterday haunted me. There were lots of ideas to think about, but the one idea that stayed with me was her comment about black/charcoal.

When I graduated from college, I did not own one single garment that was appropriate for a professional setting and I did not have any money. Since YLF didn't exist, I resorted to those lists of what every professional women needed in her wardrobe.

Those lists didn't serve me well and I made a lot of mistakes as I tried to find my fashion "voice." What I did do right was to select a very limited color palette that included black, white, and the clearest of red.

Black and white continued to be the backbone of my wardrobe until early 2016. For some reason, black began to feel oppressive to me in the spring. I thought this was a seasonally thing and that my love of black would bounce back in the fall/winter. It hasn't. I have come to understand that for whatever reason I am not in love with black anymore.

Ink navy has been replacing the black in my wardrobe. It is a slow process. I still own lots of black in my work capsule. I am not as disciplined about sticking to a color scheme as I was right out of college, but I am still trying. I am concerned that the next couple of yeas might be chaotic as the old disciplines fights with the new. For example, I bought these jeans because I thought I should own a pair of black jeans. Does that even make sense?