I feel like I've been whining too much lately, airing my frustrations. I'm so sorry about that! I have been trying so hard to start a summer closet almost from scratch, and I let the chore part of that take away the fun part of that.

For me, the chore part is rather large because a) despite being on a fashion forum, I don't like to shop, b) summer is my least favorite season and c) some limitations add to the challenge so it's not just see it, like it, buy it, for me.

But...in one of the whiney posts several of you reminded me that I'm not on a deadline, and to slow down and take the pressure off. The pressure was wanting a few things to wear! But it does help to realize the no deadline part and that my life makes it pretty easy to get away with minimal without anyone else knowing.

So...the cheering up part. Very odd! I went back through my photos since December and got reminded how much I love my Fall and Winter clothes. Well, that's always been my easy season, but never so much as this past year due to learning so much from all of you! So that really helped cheer me up because I realized, as we often say, the troubles of the moment aren't me...these clothes don't get me!

So...the love letter part. Prior to my time on YLF I:

  • Never took selfies, so there would have been no record of past success.
  • Wouldn't have explored new styles over the winter to arrive at my happy place with that season.
  • Would have no clue of any goal...no style words or idea of what I like.
  • Would still have a closet jammed with dated, worn out things and be wearing them because I had no other options.
  • Would have no idea of the multitude of options to look for things other than obvious trends.
  • Wouldn't even know about several items that I have bought and loved.
  • Wouldn't know of any lines to look at other than the Mall standards.
  • Would have shopped for three weeks, gotten frustrated and would have decided to give up completely and wait for the next season. (I know this because it is what I did every season for about 3 years prior).

So...thank you Angie and YLF! Summer has always been a challenge. I will keep trying, remove any deadline, and remain as P & P as P(ractical). And try to whine less!