When experimenting with adding a new colour capsule, I find 4 items are needed in order to fully audition the colour. Some items can be big and expensive commitments - like a nice leather bag, or a coat - but there are inexpensive ways to experiment as well. Caps, hats, scarves, belts, and t-shirts can be inexpensive - especially in unusual colours - which sometimes get discounted shortly after release due to being unusual. Another ‘trick’ is to find a patterned garment that appeals, and happens to have the ‘new’ colour that interests you, as well as colours that are part of your regular wardrobe.

I’m currently interested in developing a light blue capsule, but concerned that it is not one of my ‘best’ colours. So far, I have two low expense items - a beret and a flannel shirt. I’m also interested in rust/orange - but have one item (a t-shirt), and a second on the way (a tote/kit bag). Going into winter this year I need accessories like hats, scarves, and mitts - so I am keeping my eyes peeled for accessories more than garments to make up my capsule of 4 items. If one (or both) of the colour experiments sticks - I’ll commit to more expensive and permanent/long term items.

How do you approach colour in your closet? Do you ‘manage’ the introduction of new colours to your wardrobe? Or, is it more whim and instinct?