As the year draws to a close, I'm considering what I bought this year and how my style has evolved.

I won't share my numbers--suffice it to say that this fashion moment has resonated strongly with me, and I bought way more than I intended to.

Here are some things I've adopted (examples in Finds in this post):
-rib knits
-jeans and pants in a wider variety of silhouettes (before it was all skinny or bootcut/trouser)
-shorter tops/more tucking semi-tucking. NB: My rises may be a little higher, but I can't wear much over 11-inches so I create the illusion of it.
-I think I've steered my wardrobe this fall into a slightly more sophisticated space.
-More blazers. This is less a silhouette change and more a commitment to making them work and making sure I can layer over them in the winter
-Chunkier sneakers. I'm having a big Chuck Taylor moment and have more on my Xmas wishlist
-Higher shaft booties
-NB: I still retain my color preferences--I like bold colors and lots of contrast. I've dipped a toe into earth tones but they will never dominate my wardrobe.

What's changed - I have always had a boho lite streak, and I've moved away from it. I have a few boho dresses that are fine to keep, because the mood does strike me and they are outfits in themselves.

However, I have a lot of tops... a lot of in general. But I have a lot too that are blousier, if that's a word, and harder to incorporate into my wardrobe right now. I also have a few long, chunky knits that only work when the right mood strikes and it's very cold out (some winters are, and some not). I've learned not to throw the baby out with the bathwater completely. If I get rid of a silhouette completely, I will just crave it and buy it again later.

So do I pass on some items but not all? I already have done this to a degree, but since I have a lot of tops, I still have a fair few that are only occasionally what I want. I don't need a wardrobe full of workhorses - to the contrary. I like options! So do I keep what I have? Keep one in every color that I like? Create a larger holding zone to keep them but get them out of the active closet? The problem with passing on these items is that I still like them, in some cases quite a bit, but they're just not what I reach for all the time right now. (I will post some representative finds in the first comment.) Space is a consideration in my tiny apartment, too.