*Please be kind when posting to this thread - to yourself, and others - since 'weighty' issues can be difficult*.

I am curious about how measurements and weight fluctuation affects clothing choices, wardrobe size, and churn. For a very long time, my 30's to early 50's, my weight was stable within 10lbs (150-160 lbs on my 5ft 7 in frame). My lifestyle was active with lots of recreational sporting activities and I felt fit and strong. Clothing sizes were 10-12US for the most part. In 2014 I moved/relocated - which entailed some dramatic changes to my commute to work and eating patterns and I started to (VERY slowly) loose weight. Two years later I qualified for a high caliber athletic event, and the resulting training regime resulted in further weight loss. I was at an all time (adult) low of 136 lbs after the event.

In the 2 years since I competed, I have NOT gained the weight back - despite pulling way back from the competition training regime. However, my weight does fluctuate about 5 lbs (136.4 - 141.4). I can be exact, because I weigh myself ONCE a week, and chart it in my fitness journal (which my trainer insists I keep.)

It took me a while to adjust to the physical changes and early on I bought clothing in the sizes I was used to, and that didn't fit. It took about 2 years to realize that I needed to size down. 8-10 is now my preferred/comfortable size range. I still have some well fitting size 12 tops, but don't often pick that size any more. Part of my big purge in fall 2018 was letting go of the last of my old wardrobe that didn't quite fit. That created more wardrobe churn than I was used to. However, I
I figure after 2 years I will remain stable at this new weight range.

Those 5lb weight fluctuations affect my abdomen and waist - so bottoms are the issue. When I am at the lower end, conventional bottoms without stretch are fine. When I'm at the higher end, I prefer flat fronted bottoms with elastic backs or items with stretch. I HATE binding around the middle.

If your weight fluctuates, does your current wardrobe comfortably accomodate those changes? How much of a change in actual weight results in a complete size change? Sometimes fitness levels change, weight remains the same, but size changes. What is/has been your experience?