Today we made a small but important change to the setting that controls the visibility of your photos on the forum. The short way of putting it is that unless you choose otherwise, "quiet" members can see your photos.

The longer version:

Previously there were two options:

  1. everyone can see my photos
  2. only active members can see my photos

Now there are three:

  1. everyone can see my photos
  2. only members can see my photos
  3. only active members can see my photos

The bold options are the defaults.

My post on the blog explains our thinking behind the change, but the essence of it is that we don’t want (in)visibility of photos to force people to participate. Our whole reason for starting the forum was that the answer to one person’s question could be useful to other people who have the same question. We respect that some people enjoy reading YLF, but prefer not to actively participate. And often people are quiet for some time before they decide to jump in.

Note: what is unchanged is that unless you explicitly choose otherwise, your photos will only be visible to logged in members.

If you ever set this setting in the past, then I have transitioned it over. If you never explicitly chose a setting before, then you will inherit the new default setting. If you have any doubts at all, please just visit the “Privacy” section on your profile page to check your current setting and change it if necessary.