My closet has really needed an update lately since fluid fits became popular, yet with money being tight I couldn't justify spending much. So I decided to try out thredup. com and ordered several things to try. My order came and I liked a small number of what I ordered.... which really isn't the challenging part.

It's the husband! We've been married for 19 years and I love him dearly. But he's picky about what he likes me wearing and "fluid fit" is not part of his vocabulary. The very things I liked from my order were the things he didn't like much at all. One particular top, a fluid peasant top with elastic waistband, he really doesn't like. But it isn't returnable so we're compromising--I'll style it a few different ways and if he still hates it I'll pass it along.

I'm betting he's not the only significant other out there who is not loving the looser fit popular of late... right? Anybody else struggling with convincing others that a looser fit looks more current?