Hi all

I did a hybrid of Sally’s 2 challenges.

I wear jeans everyday at this time of year to walk my dog. Last week I tried to wear at least one thing in my outfit each day that brings me joy.

Pic 1: Ombré.

Joy factor:
The only thing better than ombré is double ombré. What I particularly like about this jacket and jumper combination is that the 2 ombrés go in different directions. Dark to light downwards in the jacket and dark to light upwards in the jumper. If you count my hair (dark to light downwards), I’ve actually achieved an ombré trifecta

Pic 2: Beanie. My mum made it for me during the lockdown.

Joy factor:
It has a vintage Missoni-ish vibe that I like. Plus, my mum made it for me!

Pic 3: Bootcut jeans. This outfit is a little dressier because I was meeting friends for coffee on my walk.

Joy factor:
It’s the jeans themselves. I’ve been looking for high waisted bootcuts for at least 2 years. Love the vintage 70s vibe. And they are loose (loose!) on my thighs. So comfortable, I’ve been wearing them every second day since I got them. Skinnies be gone!

Pic 4: Dog.

Joy factor:
Off. The. Charts.

There you have it. I hope everyone has some joyful moments this week.

PS. I was just kidding about the skinnies. Years of wear left in them yet.