This thread is for those who would like to participate in the Fall 2014 Seasonal Capsule Challenge.

The website that got me started on this:
I've also been taking a long hard look at:

The purpose of this challenge is to build your fall 2014 seasonal capsule wardrobe. Each individual YLF member who joins said challenge chooses how involved in their individual process they would like to be, how they do it, etc. This challenge is mostly for those of us who are new to it, but all are invited to join and post, pop by, etc. There really aren't any hard fast rules to this challenge. However, sometimes threads get off-topic and it can cause a lot of time to be spent sifting through posts. Please keep your posts relevant to the topic at hand.

The Challenge

Free free to begin posting today
There is no firm end date. We'll see where the season takes us.

Post your goals for your capsule here.
Maybe you just have never done a capsule before. Perhaps you're wanting to refresh your style, or update your color scheme. Maybe you just love fall fashion, end up buying a lot of items that go unused, and need more structure for this season. Perhaps you're using it as a springboard to discover more about your personal style.

Check-in at this thread regularly.
There are no set daily/weekly check-ins. Pop by as often as you can and let us know how it's going. Discuss things. Ask questions. Post what you're thinking, struggling with, enjoying, and the places in-between.

If you need help getting started, check out these links.

Free capsule wardrobe planner:

YFL threads about capsules (not exhaustive; I just searched and posted a few for inspiration feel free to do a more in-depth search):

Here is to an exciting and fabulous FALL! Let the fall capsules begin! xo