Ok...let’s start with the assumption that this forum is a judgment free zone...I’m open to all constructive comments and suggestions about the process and the actual items...

I’ll be totally honest, I’m not good at letting go of things...and space is not a problem for me. I have a current closet, and a spare room that I use to collect things I’m not currently using. I’ve known for a while I’ve needed to tackle it...but haven’t.
Angie’s challenge has pushed me. Only wish she was actually here to get me through this.
I’m starting my pulling out all my footwear. And showing it to you #1.

1st up on my editing is sneakers-because this is the footwear category that I’ve been the best at editing in the past -mainly because they wear down I know they cannot be repaired.

#2 are the fashion pairs I’m keeping
#3 are the gear
#4 are going
#5 ???? Not sure. Thoughts?

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