hi all,

hope you are all well! Things seems to settle back to some sort of normality and I am now looking for an item to used for some important events for next year: Mr Minu will turn 60 in March, I will do a ceremony for the citizenship in the spring, a friend of mine is getting married in France in May, my dad will be 80 in August (hopefully his health will improve), and so on.

I am well aware that I am starting too soon, but I want to find the right piece which suits my body shape and style so the sooner I start looking, the better

I'd like to strengthen my blush collection, and I found this piece in COS.

GATHERED JUMPSUIT - BLUSH PINK - Jumpsuits - COS GB (cosstores.com)

What do you think of this option? My concern is that it may be too casual for some of the above mentioned events and was even considering to buy a big size and take it to a tailor to ensure it fits well - budget wise that would be OK.

If this is not suitable, any ideas where I could be looking? My knowledge of occasions wear brands is quite limited !