Though I finally got a couple of haircuts mid-way last year, my ability to schedule further appointments has been disrupted by haircut guy retiring, virus cases rising, and new hair stylist found but then out sick.
In addition, we’ve discussed some about its being harder to play with new hair styles because of how mask impacts the
When I evaluate tops, shirts, sweaters for fit, color, style, use- I focus a lot on necklines. I actually like not- too - high crew necks, but do also like shirt collars and some cowl necks.
But I notice that the longer ( and messier!) my hair gets, the more I’m bothered by higher necklines and may think, why did I ever get this?
But then, if I adjust my hair to try to imagine it shorter and more pixie- like, the proportions shift.

So, I’m trying to watch out for too- hasty “ collar- culling” during pandemic, until I get to a better haircut situation. Poor fit, fabric, bad colors — all these still seem reliable tests for editing out. This also would affect how well I can assess new items, especially if expecting longevity. ( Not saying one can’t “ dress for the hair you have today” , plus recognize enduring styles that have worked across the years.

How about you-how is your hair “ situation affecting what you prefer to wear and maybe how you view your existing tops and jackets or wardrobe planning?