I can't thank everyone enough. The suggestions were so helpful. I decided to order a few of the items shown. I'm going to try the Gap jogger pants (thanks, MrsK), the anthropologie pants (thanks, Janet) and the JJill ponte pants (thanks Carter and Donna). I'm sorry if I missed anyone. These are the suggestions I am acting on this weekend. In fact, I am on my way to the mall shortly.

The most valuable part of this thread was the realization for me that I had a pre-conceived idea of what I was supposed to look like in my evening hours. I am sure that idea came from television or magazines or the internet. It must have crept into my subconscious so gradually that I hadn't even realized it was there. But it was a measure to which I compared myself regularly and I always came up short. This is silly too because I was always clean. I always matched. Everything fit. There were no holes.

Based on the comments on this thread, I have given myself permission to throw my work clothes off the second I enter the foyer and change into whatever is the most comfortable for me. I will slowly define exactly what that is. I think I am going to seek out a new bra too. A lounging bra of sorts. Oh, and I want a really nice oversized cashmere sweater (now that I know I can hand wash it at home; different thread, different set of thank you's).

Sterling, I just realized that you want to change your AT HOME style, and not your work style. Is that right?

YES! Change your clothes when you get home. I like to wear loose and floppy lounge clothes (semi tuck the tops for structure), but many here like to wear leggings with big tops (see Sarah's birthday post).

I have a cold weather and warm weather lounging capsule. I change in to my lounge clothes early evening, and put them on again when I get up and before I shower in the morning (I don't wear a robe). They get a LOT of wear. This is what I wore this Summer


I am currently looking for the Winter alternative as I retire my very fun colourful sweats. I wore AE sweats for 8 years - replenishing them each year. I have finally outgrown the look.

Sterling, I'm with you on jeans. I find a FEW pairs (and I'm quite picky) comfortable enough to wear out and about, to work, etc. but not for lounging.

Confession: I used to wear only pajamas when lounging around the house. However, that changed when we became dog owners. I need something to wear that is comfortable enough to lounge in, but is presentable enough to run out to the yard, or go for a walk.

One of my goals this Spring was to increase my "doggy capsule" - kind of a loungewear/activewear hybrid. This involves yoga style pants or cropped activewear pants, knit tops, and Zella zip-up jackets. Inside the house I'm generally barefoot or wear my wool Halfinger "doggy" slippers, and instead of the jacket I'll wear a cardigan or else a modal robe. I'll either slip on sneakers or a pair of "demoted" flats that are too beat up for work wear but are fine for running outside quickly.

That's what I need a "doggy capsule!!!" Sadly, no dog, but the idea is the same.

My at home capsule would not be complete without two items: an oversized cashmere pullover, and a long cardigan.

I wear the cardigan in lieu of a robe many mornings. Its sleeves are snug and don't get into the washing up and food preparation I am doing then. Unlike my robe's sleeves, which tend to flop all over the place.

I wear the pullover (s) with leggings or yoga pants indoors -- and with jeans or ponte pants when I am out. They are truly all-pupose, but I tend to prefer them as indoor wear (and choose my more structured pieces for outside the home.)

I definitely wash my cashmere; never dry clean.

This is the pullover I wear about 200 times a year. It was a J. Crew collection item but I got it on sale; it definitely earned its place in the closet!

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I'm a confirmed Athleta City Jogger convert for lounging, and I'm like you, as I change the moment I get home. They also have a lined version that is great for cool weather and less revealing but still sleek. I have two cropped Eileen Fisher Cowlneck cropped sweaters that I pair with the joggers in Winter.. For over 80 degrees, it's my Eileen Fisher dresses, hands down! Good luck in your search!