I have written similar posts in the past. As I switch out my wardrobe, I am once again facing the question of whether I have a casual style. By that I mean "can I answer the door in this outfit or do I have to wildly run upstairs to change prior to going to the door?" Nine times out of ten there is a mad dash up the stairs.

The collective wisdom of the Forum probably won't help me this time. I think it is going to be exercise in experimentation.

Here is what I know so far: I must be one of the few women on the face of the Earth that finds jeans uncomfortable. To me, they are "heavy." I can't explain it any better then that. I also view them as "field" wear.

At work, I like fitted and coordinating outfits. At home, I seem to want big, baggy, and rather shapeless. Comfortable, but these same words translate to "sloppy." I don't what those descriptors to be define my casual style. I want something more. I just am not certain what that might be.

So I am going to make it my goal to define some sort of casual uniform. Yes. I do think it has to be a uniform. I say this because I need to start with just one silhouette. Dissect why it does or does not work and then try to build a casual capsule around what works. I will have to force myself to not change into the big, baggy, and shapeless clothes when I get home. I won't buy anything new for the time being because when I try to add to my casual capsule I end up buying more "what I wish I wore casually" and that does not seem to work for me.

Jeans. I so wish I loved wearing jeans. Sigh.